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TikTok USA matrix playerTikTok USA matrix player
BocaLive has made me realise that the AI era has truly arrived!In the first month, I opened 5 live broadcasting rooms, and I was initially worried about its feasibility. But I was blown away by the incredible results! When I saw the GMV, I was so excited that I immediately bought 25 more accounts without a moment's hesitation! I'm really happy with BocaLive's quality and service!
TikTok GMV303,287
Shopee Indonesia top sellerShopee Indonesia top seller
Who would have thought AI avatars could sell slippers? It's incredible!I've been following this product for a long time and I was so excited to try it out immediately after its launch! This trial catapulted me to the top sales position among similar products in Indonesia! I'm so impressed by the amazing advances in technology today! I'm really grateful to BocaLive for saving me a lot of money on hiring hosts.
Shopee GMV641,975
Shopee&Lazada individual playerShopee&Lazada individual player
I've never done live broadcasting before, but now I'm making money!I was running a store by myself without understanding live broadcasting, so I had to abandon live broadcast marketing. That was until I found BocaLive! I didn't have to do anything but just hang there, broadcasting on multiple platforms at the same time, and I got over 2000 orders in a month! I've already renewed for next year!
Shopee&Lazada GMV91,098

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